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Under the Made in Switzerland section we would like to share things with you that we love about Switzerland. This could be from a traditional food recipe to the launch of the latest exclusive swiss made watches. We are constantly looking out for new up and coming Swiss made products and unique experiences in Switzerland so we will keep you updated on here. Please also follow us on Twitter @BespokeSwiss to get the latest news.


Oona Caviar

Oona – unique. Derived from the Celtic language, this pure word stands for the one, the only, the extraordinary. The deep, sonorous tone “Oona” hints at the perfection of every individual grain of caviar. Oona – pure mountain water caviar, traditional yet modern, pure...

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JMC Lutherie

JMC Lutherie was founding in 2005 by Jeanmichel Capt and Céline Renaud. Famous for its guitars JMC Lutherie also creates The Soundboard, loudspeakers crafted in resonance wood. The Soundboard creates a balanced, lively and immersive musical atmosphere, like that of a...

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Roland Iten

Roland Iten is simply the leading mechanical luxury buckle maker in the world. His creations are all made in Geneva with Swiss watch making machinery and based upon patented mechanisms with ensures the protection of the brand and heritage. Only the finest materials...

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Rexhep Rexhepi is creative force and master watchmaker of Akrivia. Trained at Patek Phillipe, Rexhep’s creates contemporary timepieces uniting the heritage of Geneva watchmaking. Bespoke Switzerland has teamed up with Akrivia and offers an exclusive behind the scene...

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Chocolate Tart

'Schoggi-Tarte' Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake Makes at least 12 slices A wonderful chocolate cake and so simple to make. Make at least two days in advance and cut into small slices because it is very rich. 150g semi-sweet dark chocolate 2 tbsp water 125g butter 6 eggs...

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Suissesse Highball

Suissesse Highball: Type: Aromatic-Bubbly Strength: Medium Size: Long Glass Type: Highball Glass Ingredients: 50ml Absinthe 2 splashes Anisette Liquer ½ Egg White 1 level spoon Sugar Ssyrup Soda Water Ice Cubes Method: Shake all ingredients with the ice except the...

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Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue

Fondue 4 servings   220g Appenzell black label (strong) 200g Emmantal 200g Vacherin Fribourgeois 1clove garlic 300ml dry white wine Juice of half a lemon Grated nutmeg 2 tsps cornflour 1small glass of Kirsch Ground black pepper Crusty French bread, roughly half a...

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Stinger Cocktail

Stinger Cocktail: Type: Aromatic Strength: Strong Size: Short Glass Type: Cocktail Glass Ingredients: 30ml Cognac 10ml White Créme de Menthe Ice Cubes Method: Mix ingredients with the ice in a mixing glass. Strain into the cocktail glass and...

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Alpler Magrone

Alpler Magrone Serves 4   300g macaroni 300g potatoes peeled and cubed 150g streaky bacon cut into cubes 200ml cream Grated nutmeg Freshly ground black pepper   To accompany 2 large apples Butter Cinnamon sugar   Put the macaroni and potatoes in boiling...

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Old Switzerland Cocktail

Old Switzerland Cocktail Type: Sweet Strength: Medium Size: Short Glass Type: Shooter Glass Ingredients: 30ml Amaretto Liquer 7ml White Créme de Cacao 4ml Chocolate Syrup Ice Cubes Method: Shake all the ingredients with ice and strain into shot glass. Sprinkle...

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